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Kod produktu: GOHC5030
Seria tematyczna/Serial: Ice Road Truckers
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Tytuł oryginalny: Ice Road Truckers Collector's Edition
Tytuł polski: Na lodowym szlaku
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Chock full of ice trucking action. This is the ultimate collector's edition. Seasons 1, 2 and 3 and the Ice Road Truckers book together for the first time. All the action, all the characters and all that ice! HISTORY(tm) invite fans to enjoy an action packed journey from the Arctic to Alaska. The biggest characters, the boldest moves and the coldest work environment known to man - this is Ice Road Truckers. INCLUDES: The first 3 seasons of Ice Road Truckers and a Behind the scenes/special features bonus disc, together with the 164 page Ice Road Truckers book, packaged in a luxury block of ice bespoke packaging. • Features a 164 page, custom designed Ice Road Truckers book, full to the brim with facts, figures and snippets. Ice Road Truckers Season One HISTORY(tm) takes viewers in a thrilling, adrenaline pumping ride in this new, record breaking series. It's the most perilous road in the world, a strip of ice 350 miles long built on frozen lakes connecting mining outposts in Northern Canada with civilisation. 10,000 loads, some weighing as much as 19 tonnes, will travel over the ice in an urgent race to provide critical supplies to the camps before the road melts. Ice Road Truckers follows the competition and camaraderie of six truckers over a two month season on the ice road, as they brave white outs, thin ice and the deadly cold to perform one of the most dangerous jobs in the world. From the construction of this massive frozen highway to the risky final days when the road grows unreliable, Ice Road Truckers takes viewers on a thrilling ride. Ice Road Truckers Season Two Ice Road Truckers(tm) returns for a second high-tension season, but this time the job takes them even farther north, 100 miles inside the Arctic Circle. They are here for a new mission: to haul the heavy metal of natural gas drilling rigs not only on frozen rivers but also over the Arctic Ocean. In just three months they'll earn a year's salary but they'll have to endure one of the most perilous stretches of road anywhere in the world, where jack-knifing, breakdowns and frostbite are commonplace and any wrong move could see them sucked into the freezing water as the ice gives way beneath their wheels. It's a treacherous, bone-numbing job - just the kind of challenge that keeps this special breed of driver coming back for more. Ice Road Truckers Season Three Just when you thought trucking couldn't get more dangerous, the new season of Ice Road Truckers brings you to the most treacherous landscape on earth: Northern Alaska. In Prudhoe Bay (250 miles north of the Arctic Circle), a network of ice roads in the tundra criss-cross river systems and open ocean to connect America's booming North Slope oil fields to dry land. Every winter, truckers have less than three months to shuttle critical supplies over the ice. The only problem is that there's just one way to get to this remote location: 400 miles of ice-covered, mountainous terrain known as the Dalton Highway. The Dalton is the lifeline to Alaska's oil industry. It's also the most dangerous road in North America and has claimed the lives of more than 400 people since it was built just 30 years ago. The next chapter in the hit HISTORY(tm) series returns this season with veteran drivers Hugh Rowland and Alex Debogorski, new drivers--including the show's first female trucker--and more heart-stopping adrenaline than ever before.

Ice Road Truckers Collector's Edition - Season 1, 2, 3 & Behind the Scenes [DVD] (DVD)
I bought this as a Christmas present and it has taken over the T.V. Having caught glimpses myself it is certainly a must for all fans. What was nice surpise was that it came with a book as well as all of the DVD's.

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Dźwięk: English
Napisy: brak danych
Polska wersja językowa: brak
Dodatki: bonus disc
Region: Region 2 (Polska, Europa)
Ilość dysków: 11
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Ice Road Truckers

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